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We were made for these to (re-)tap into your resilience during solstice

We’re all living in high-stress, high-demand environments. The context and challenges might vary deeply around the world. We’re all experiencing VUCA volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous circumstances.

And the effects on our human experience are so universal - threatening our psychological safety. I am writing these words to you as a reminder to myself.

The one thing that we can always go back to - is coming home to ourselves, tapping into our own resilience. Contemplative practices have always been there as a way to retreat. And now research is showing us that it is a necessity in our VUCA world (Jha 2021). As human beings, we were made and meant for these times. That's why Kaira Jewel Lingo Lingo gave her book this wise title and inspired me to use it for this newsletter. It also means giving ourselves some slack. Allowing all of our complex parts to show up. Being compassionate to us first. And then spreading these wings out to others.

Maybe it’s the upcoming solstice that’s making me softer and reflecting more inwards as I’m processing major changes in my personal life. During a "workation" at Australia's Central Coast, I came across the "Deck of Excuses". I love the Aussie humor. It's funny, direct (when usually conversation culture requires to be indirect), real life and often involves nature. I wrote to you at the beginning of this year, sharing some wisdom around intentions and goal settings. Do you remember your intensions? Mine have been close to my heart, committing myself to reaching out to my coaching community on a seasonal basis. Well, I skipped one season, jumping directly to the mark of solstice. In the Southern Hemisphere, we’re moving from autumn to winter. Time to let go of things that don’t don’t serve us anymore. Being intensional around what can stay and what needs to be discarded. It’s a carthartic process, almost like the leaves turning brown, drying out before finally leaving the trees and becoming soil. The cold, shorter days give me time to move more inwards before I can reach outwards again. Which is part of my role as a Coach and the dialectic piece is what I enjoy most.

After almost three years in the coaching business, I realise how introspection is the foundation of my work as a coach. It’s a necessity. The foundation for my own thriving and even more importantly wholeness as a person.

It takes practice and effort. Daily. I’ve been wanting a daily practice for decades. And finally I made it happen for myself.

In a time of personal turmoil and loss. This is what I call synchronicity. And I was ready to listen and receive. For myself. And for you, my dearest clients. The journey is incredible. And in one of my high moments - there’s been low ones, too - I made a mental note to always come back to this, to always make space for this practice in my life.

So, I’m really practising what I’m preaching now which creates a wholeness on another level as well. Thank you all for pulling me in this direction.

I want to encourage and remind you, that you too, can always return to these practices that we’ve developed in our coaching partnership. You have everything you need to come home to yourself. Simply, begin again.

And if you do want help to get (re-)started, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to hear from you. I'll be travelling to Europe from July to September, so my availabilities require a bit more planning.


  • Mountain retreat Aug 25-27 in the alps, Austria

  • On-demand Coaching (available again starting September 2022)

  • 3 months coaching journey (currently 1 slot available)

  • Positive Intelligence Program (3 slots available)

  • Listen to the Brave Transitions Podcast and get inspired.

As I’m heading to Europe for a three-months-stay, I’m ready to open up again to the vibrations of summer. To long days, time with friends and family, workations in different places.

You’ll hear from me again at the end of the year. We’ll look at our Intensions, how they shifted and what is important as we reflect on the year. And we might come back to the DECK OF EXCUSES, ha.

If you want, take a short moment to reflect on where are you right now.

What are you noticing? In your mind, heart and body? Take a deep breath, ground your feet and lift your crown. Sense the space around you. While you center - listen to the narrative that is coming up. What is important right now? What needs your attention? Take a deep breath and know that everything is ok. You are ok.

In gratitude,


PS: Spiritual vitamins that I’m drawing from right now and might help you as well:

  • "We were made for these times" by Kaira Jewel Lingo

  • "No bad parts" by Dr Richard Schwartz with foreword by Alanis Morrisette

  • "Peak mind" by Dr Amishi Jha

  • UCLA MARC Meditation "working with difficulties"

  • I AM ME by Dr Virginia Satir

PPS: If you like my newsletter, please share.

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