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Why I dare to share my journey of becoming a female entrepreneur

It’s been one month since I left the company I love. 

Wild life. @timhurleyphotos

And let me tell you, I have no regrets so far. Isn’t it almost always like this with big life decisions? When one of my former Senior leaders who came from the business into HR introduced himself with a very personal, powerful story, he said he had to sleep a night before accepting an Executive HR role. That’s how he always does it with big life decisions. I still remember my line of thinking leading to self-doubt: why do I always know right away if things are right or not right for me, why do I NEVER sleep over big life decisions. Why am I so spontaneous, too fast, too impatient maybe? Maybe I don’t execute them right away. Yet, I know I can fully rely on my gut feeling. I guess you can call me a gutsy women. *Sidenote: Hillary Clinton and her daughter recently wrote a book titled like this.* I learned a lot about decision making this months in the DESIGN YOUR LIFE for Women workshop in NYC. The jam problem, the satisfizer vs. maximizer, value-based approach etc. In the end, the whole Design Thinking method is built around actually taking a decision, un-stucking yourself, moving away from the status quo. And if the decision seems overwhelming, too big or risky, then breaking it down into prototypes that are not more than that and have to be adjusted. That was my AHA moment. I realized I am never afraid to take big decisions when I see some opting out in case it doesn’t feel right. And having a partner (@timhurlephotos) along my side with whom I share this bigger life and work view is something I want to appreciate more. Also, when it comes to financial fitness. Being bold requires to explore what gives you energy, what drains you and how to balance it all out. And there are so many resources available to us if we get stuck.

I am now fully committed to becoming an entrepreneur. A female entrepreneur. Having re-discovered writing as one form of creative self-reflection, let me invite you to follow my journey. I will put myself out there with my full creativity which is called my life. It is scary to share. I understand this to be vulnerability in its truest form: taking risks, tapping into the unknown, trying, failing, learning, growing. All with an audience.

Yet, how else can I serve best as a high-quality coach, consultant and leader?

“Vulnerability is not weakness. I define vulnerability as emotional risk, exposure, uncertainty. It fuels our daily lives. [...] It's the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”
Brené Brown.

One key re-self-discovery in the past month: I love to work. I love to get paid for my work. I don’t like housework (unfortunately, neither does my husband). And becoming a parent has not changed that even after three kids. Yet, leading a family has been the most challenging, rewarding tasks so far and teaches me every day:

how to forgive myself when making mistakes - we all give our besthow to set expectations and boundaries in a loving way - clarity is kindnesshow to go with the flow and pace around me - one thing at a timehow to focus on what is important to me and make time for it - value-based living

What I love most about my first month as an entrepreneur is also what I find most challenging: I have complete autonomy over my time and my location. Getting lost and distracted is so easy. I feel like a child discovering a whole new, unknown world. I am constantly at awe about the creativity out there especially in the NYC area. Meeting new and reconnecting with amazing female coaches who are already ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified and established a successful coaching practice is so encouraging: a big thanks to Ruth Roemer, Helen Krug von Nidda, Peggy Titmarsh and Emily Golden

So, I follow my flow, cultivating the right balance between making things happen and letting them happen. With this I am setting up my business, welcoming my first coaching clients, embracing my first joint project w/sisters ( and even HR consulting work.

And lastly, BASF is still in my heart. I have not let go fully. I am still connected with its people on professional topics, even on my potential services which I never thought would happen so quickly. Its transformation is still close to my heart following LinkedIn activities and having conversations with its senior leaders, also looking forward to catching up with colleagues-turned friends in NJ and Germany soon.

With this, I slowly prepare for moving houses and being on the road with my family for the next 3 months - Portugal, Canary Islands, Germany, France, Italy, Hongkong.

Next article to come on my work and life journey Nov 27. 

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Photo credits again to @timhurleyphotos

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