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What my clients say...

Get a feel for my style and approach by listening to my clients' experience. 

This reminds me how grateful I am for doing this work. 

More testimonials can be found on my LI profile or Proven Expert

Blythe, producer

Cindy is an inspiration. She is one of those rare women that believe in herself and the power for each one of us to contribute to change in the world. Don’t miss out on being a part of whatever she has to offer!

Karen D., HR leader

What a pleasure it was to work with Cindy! I have never worked with a personal coach before and she was so attentive, really reflecting back to me what she both heard and saw in my body language. She asked great questions and made me think about where I wanted to go with my career and how I can best get there. I walked away with some great language to position myself for the next step of my career, along with the confidence to have those conversation.

Andrew L., Research Director

Cindy's guidance and insights have been invaluable to me during the short six months of coaching I received. I feel I have grown significantly in both my professional and personal life and have become a lot more reflective on my strengths and experiences. As a result, I feel well equipped to deal with anything the future throws at me!

Cat L., Marketing Director

Cindy is an amazing coach. My sessions with her were always positive, encouraging and productive. Her gentle style and support have helped me tremendously, and she always asked the right questions that made me think and worked with me to define actual priorities and create tangible next steps. 

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