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Various coaching clients enjoyed short meditation practices to arrive in a session or to integrate at the end of a conversation. This is how I organically began teaching mindfulness. 

I am excited to announce my first live, cohort-based, online course through Maven. First cohort starts May 24th! Find out more here.


It began with a short body & mind practice as part of a women's circle I was co-facilitating online in 2019. Using Diana Winston's script of a 5 minute breath mindfulness practice, I fell into the first meditation I guided. It felt easy. I felt connected and present. It made me remember my first meditation twenty years ago. How I was at awe with just being. Doing nothing. Really nothing. And how radical and challenging this simple practice can be. 

I am proud to have completed Diana Winston's Teacher Mindfulness Facilitation Program at UCLA's Mindfulness Awareness Research Center in 2023. 

Other projects like bush & mind, mindfulness in dating, mindfulness coaching are coming to live out of this practice which I cherish for myself. 


I am now bringing various formats to various contexts - festivals, companies or as a retreat format amidst the Blue Mountains. Let's talk. 

"After sessions with Cindy, I always feel more confident and centered". Paige K. - Marketing Executive

"This was exactly what I needed to end this festival in a relaxed, educative and fun way. Best workshop ever." participant at 7sisters festival

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