We connect to inspire - Online program to boost your wellbeing, success and positivity.

Connecting strong, creative and bold women to support them in their ventures through an online coaching peer platform together with Sonja Kirschner, double human Coaching & Consulting.

Because haven't we all been there: feeling stuck, something is holding us back to make a long desired change or we're just stressing from one thing to the next without much focus and losing track of ourselves? 


Join our 4 week program and together, we tackle our day-to-day challenges and even bigger dreams.


next circle starting June 2, @ 7am EST


"It's amazing to see what we women have in common! All w/ sisters are so impressive and on the inside it looks different and is challenging for all of us."

HR Manager, Fortune500

"The program that Sonja and Cindy put together is great for getting more of what you need and less of what you don't want. I feel inspired, challenged and relaxed after the one hour session. Connecting with other amazing women and realizing we're all the same but different is another benefit."

Film Producer/Adjunct Professor Columbia University

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