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What do you want to protect, really?

reflections on sensing the future, theory U, coaching and mindfulness

2022 has gone by in a second and this is what I hear from clients around the world as well. After two years of isolation, life has picked up at full speed: travel, gatherings, work outside the home, school, just to name a few. So it's time to pause and reflect.

For me, it’s been a transformational year in many ways. I went through personal changes, re-committed to my Coaching practice (vs finding myself in an HR head role) and weaving together various strings of professional and personal values.

As you know, Coaching’s main skill is asking questions and listening with presence, curiosity and openness to its emerging answers. It’s been long since I’ve pondered upon one question for so long. Otto Scharmer, MIT Senior lecturer and founder of Theory U, asks in a recent article "Protect the flame - Circles of Radical Presence in Times of Collapse": what do you think needs protecting in these times?

His theory U has long researched the spiritual, ecological and social divide we are facing as humanity and how to sense the emerging future (instead of just downloading and falling into old, well established patterns). He argues in his recent article that three dimensions need protecting from all of us:

  • Connection to Mother Earth

  • Connection to each other

  • Connection to ourselves

In my coaching practice I have, until recently, focused a lot on how to connect with one self. Self-leadership is the foundation for everything. If you cannot lead yourself effectively, how can you be responsible for others? I notice this in parenting, in coaching, really in any work and life situation. Leading yourself has a lot to do with emotional regulation, emotional agility. It is also one of the top 3 asks of leaders as a recent study by Harvard-affiliated Institute of Coaching shows. Namely, to demonstrate „resilience and responsiveness to be effective no matter the stress and demands“ (IOC 2022).

This is how I discovered mindfulness practices as a simple, radical way to connect with one’s present moment experience. And I am so grateful for how many of you, my clients, let me offer mindfulness practices as part of their coaching journey.

Yet, the more I emerge into present moment awareness, Theory U and the current realities, I am asking myself: what do I protect? How do my actions help me connect with Mother Earth? How do I stay connected with others, no matter their political opinions and differences? I believe finding ways how to navigate today’s world through this lens, is a key skill. And I have made some small and big decisions through this lens for my own life (with the help of a great Coach, naturally).

So, let me ask you: what do you think and feel needs protecting? How do your actions align to your aspirations and achievements?

These are big questions and sensing the answers as they emerge cannot always be done alone. Coaching is just one way. Ready for a conversation? I have spots available for 2023. Book complimentary discovery call: Try it now

For those based in Australia: I’m offering a new bush & mind journey around these themes starting in February 2023.

What I’m currently reading:

  • „The Earned Life“ by Marshall Goldsmith

  • „Theory U“ by Otto Scharmer

  • „Fully present“ by Diana Winston

What currently reminds me of my aspirations:

Moby Dickens by Blak Douglas - Archibald portrait prize winner 2022

I work and live on Darug and Gundungarra country amidst the Blue Mountains National Park. I'd like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and would like to pay my respect to elders past, present and emerging.

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